Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Too many changes!

Along with my two associates, Drorit Bick Raiter and Katherine Su, I went to the San Fernando Valley Bar Association Family Law Section dinner meeting last night and heard Supervising Judge Marjorie Steinberg give us more bad news about all the family law judges who have barely learned how to handle their assignments being transferred out of family law and new judges with absolutely no experience in family law, or some with a bit, taking their place. Starting next week! Clients need to know that the whole system is so precarious right now that it is imperative to try to take the issues out of the courtroom and work in one of the alternative dispute resolution forums available, such as mediation or collaborative law to maintain at least a modicum of control over their own lives. The budget for family law court has been slashed by $90 million. If an employee leaves, there will be no replacement. There already is furlough day once a month on Wednesdays. Litigants will likely have to travel farther to a consolidated courthouse to have their matter heard because resources are being cut so much at individual branch courts, only a few will be hearing family law matters in the future. The legislature and our governor needs to know THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Please contact your local representatives and tell them to introduce and/or sign legislation directing more of the State's budget to the Family Law Courts where people's lives - children's lives - are at stake.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Congratulations to Avery Cooper and Frieda Gordon

Avery Cooper and Frieda Gordon were named among the Super Lawyers for 2009. Visit www.superlawyers.com in the near future in order to see the online tribute to the General Partners of Cooper-Gordon LLP.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October is Adopt a Pet Month!

Please take a few minutes to look at this website http://www.adoptapet.com/ and maybe even look at Jeff Howard's blog at http://blog.adoptapet.com . There are so many animals out there looking for love and a warm place to sleep and these same would-be companions will give back to you far more than you will ever give to them. The world and your life will be all the better for your efforts. I look forward to finding the right dogs for our family; and, in case you know of a yellow or white lab mix and/or an Australian shepard type black and white mix female between 1 and 3 years old, please let me know.