Friday, July 30, 2010

Wiping Hard Drives Clean

Almost all copiers and fax machines manufactured after 2002 have a hard drive that stores all images processed through the machine. Once you no longer own or lease your machine, the next user can view all of the images on the hard drive. Most trade-ins end up in foreign countries where they are recylced for re-use. Free software is currently available to the new users on the internet which provides them access to the hard drive. Although security and encryption software is available to the seller,it is rarely purchased. Thus we should never dispose of a copy/fax machine without absolute assurance that the hard drive has been DESTROYED or WIPED CLEAN.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Strange Time for Life and Death

Life can be cruel and harsh.   Some lives cut short before their time.  Others linger on and on with ugly and debilitating illnesses and conditions.  Families suffer so much during those times.  We can all help comfort those in need and think about how to help others in meaningful ways much more than we do.  I will try harder to do so.