Sunday, March 27, 2011

Getting in Shape for Work

The practice of law gets harder and harder and I have to think it is not just because I have been doing it for nearly 30 years, but rather because life in general is more complicated.  With every technological advance comes benefits but also additional stress, expense and other difficulties.  All the blessings bestowed on us can also drag us down.  My clients live more insecurely now than in the past.  This makes my job harder and makes it less gratifying because there are fewer opportunities to actually make a difference. I blame this phenomenon in large part on the multi-levels of communication  that implode in our brains and leave imprints like permanent black markers on our souls. Getting the job done, whether as a family law attorney, probate attorney or estate planning attorney, takes longer and costs more than just a few years ago. This makes my clients unhappy and, in turn, makes me unhappy when they either cannot or will not pay their bill.

To counteract this anxiety-ridden profession, I try to take care of myself.  I do not always succeed, because I spend way too many hours responding to emails and working on managing my law firm, in addition to taking care of my clients.  But every once in awhile I find - and take - the opportunity to take care of myself.  This was one of those weekends.  Exercise, yoga, relaxing with friends, playing with my new puppy, reading a good book, thinking about what is important to me, repairing relationships and facing up to my frailties all  packed into a weekend over far too soon.  I am stronger now, heading into a new work week and hope I remember to take time to do it all again soon.