Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Avery Cooper presented a program on Crossover Issues Between Probate and Family Law related to Transmutations along with another distinguished family law specialist from San Francisco and Judge Mitchell Beckloff, sitting as Supervising Judge of Probate Court in Los Angeles.  This was part of a larger 3-Day Seminar brought every Spring for 20 years by the Association of Certified Family Law Specialists, composed of members throughout the State of California.  It was held in Indian Wells, California at the luxurious Hyatt Grand Champions Hotel and Spa.  Avery has proven himself to be one of the leading specialists not only in family law, but in probate and estate planning as well.  He brought up many important issues for family law attorneys to be aware as they prepare prenuptial agreements and review various issues with new clients.  The laws regarding community property differ depending on whether the parties are getting a divorce or one of them dies.  Rather than have to pay for two and sometimes three or four attorneys to handle the various specialities overlapping family law, such as probate, estate planning, real estate and tax matters, Avery Cooper as well as his partner Frieda Gordon are very experienced in all of those matters and will be knowledgeable enough to ask the right questions so that the client will be completely protected and informed.

Congratulations to Avery for a job extremely well done!